Thought behind this initiative

Hunnar Gurukul

The goal is to provide employment opportunities to the economically & socially backward youth by giving skill training through residential programs. To achieve this goal Cause to Connect Foundation mobilizing 25 deprived youth & providing them techniques of Masonry or Carpentry at Project Hunnar Gurukul.

Timeline of Implementation

At Hunnar Gurukul we spent a material amount of time changing their thoughts towards life. By nature of the program itself, we are making them self-reliant & a good & loyal citizen.
An incubation cell for youth to promote entrepreneurship towards becoming self-reliant
One year residential program to provide holistic and rigorous experience like old Gurukul culture
Forty five days on-live project will help students to understand the techniques which they acquire in the training.

Methodology & Techniques

Two trades of Carpentry & Masonry are currently offered along with other entrepreneurial skills like costing, logistics, marketing, communication to name of a few. Alternative & ecologically sensitive building techniques, climate friendly, use of local resources, Layer - rammed earth technology, lime plastering, wooden craftsman ship by using solid wood material.

Involvement of Architects & Engineers

Voluntarily involvement of some architects who are working on alternative & ecological techniques is a predominant factor of the program.
They share their knowledge by conducting workshops, involving young architects from architect colleges & class room training.