Our Founders

Aniruddha Bansod

“Everybody should get an opportunity to live a fulfilling and independent life.”

Wandering my way through my ambitions and responsibilities, I would often notice the youth in my neighborhood who led a humble life, either doing jobs they did not like or struggling to take even the tiniest steps towards their goals, who I thought should have received more refined platforms, better chance to prove their abilities. This, I believe, was the inner voice that led me to bridge the gaps and initiate opportunities for the youth who are bound by their circumstances.

I am a professional with 17 years of experience in finance and operation management. Over 7 years of experience in project implementation and module developments with the philanthropies like Azim Premji Foundation and Lend a Hand India, with strengths in finance & accounting, administration, processes, internal systems, management control and human resource.

Aiming to support as many young as possible to leap towards social equality. To advance innovative methods aiming at employability enhancement through skill development of adolescents and youth in rural areas.

Hemant Joshi

“One must decide their way in life, something they are passionate about. Passion is a key towards one's goals. Doing something different from regular, definitely gives pleasure and quality in life”.

Born in a small village and studied in a primary school there, my grandparents and mother were my greatest teachers. They imparted me with the vision and instilled the thought of doing well for others.

Throughout my 32 years of being a part of the corporate sector, the team and I, tried to initiate various social initiatives of blood donations, health camps and primary education in the slum areas and tree plantation. Retired from corporate life, decided to work for skill education in rural areas which I personally found a noble aim to make the society better.

In my experience, I began working with a Maharashtra newspaper, Lokmat, with one member in the team at Pune. I found myself very lucky to work very closely with the management. Now the organization proudly stands with over 200 employees and a markable turnover.

Mayank Umbarkar

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

I spent a lot of my childhood on a working farm and around the team of masons and carpenters who were constructing our home which is the source of my love of working with hands and respect for people who do so. My source of pride and joy is my cache of woodworking and home improvement tools which I put to use at the tiniest available opportunity.

I am a Chartered Accountant with 17+ years of experience in finance and consulting working with large multinational organizations like EY and Wipro. I have been running my independent financial consulting organization for 5+ years.

My aim is to make Cause to Connect a self-sustaining ecosystem bringing together youth for learning skills, professionals for imparting knowledge and individuals & corporations who wish to build eco-friendly furniture and structures.