Thought behind this initiative


For addressing the pain points for the street vendors and delivery associates, "Project Tigoona" was initiated to caters to the specific functional requirements of street vendors in areas of comfort, usability, storage, lighting, shelter, mobility, and safety.

Methodology & Implementation

Tigoona is from the word ‘teen guna’ in Hindi, and the idea is essentially about driving 3 times business, 3 times safety, 3 times comfort, 3 times reach, and 3 times pride. We believe that the ones who give should always get back ‘teen guna’.”
A classic example of human-centric design, the Tigoona could well redefine the way merchandise and materials are moved, distributed, and sold. What’s more, it comes in a flat pack, like simple bicycle parts, can be easily customized, and can be repaired anywhere in India.
It comes with a solar-powered light for business during the nighttime and can carry big loads (up to 100 kg ). It also enables easy waste management, offers protection against sun/rain, and is also very easy to use for women.

Envisioned as an enterprise to enable hawkers to get closer to their consumers and expand their business, the Tigoona is also a good step towards self-employment, while facilitating new standards in the unorganized trade.