Thought behind this initiative


For promoting charitable activities of skill education for adolescent groups, “Project Ugam & Skills On Wheel“ initiated for imparting the right skills and temperament towards education right from adolescence.
The beneficiaries of this program are school students in the age group of 13-15years studying in 8th & 9th grades, predominantly to run in rural parts.

Methodology & Implementation

This program integrates job and life skills training in existing school curricula to make high school education more practical and relevant.
The multi-skill vocational education program provides students with hands-on experience in subjects such as electrical wiring, welding, carpentry, plumbing, engineering drawing, gardening, blood group testing, motor pump repair, soil and water testing, blood pressure measurement etc. during the school timing and at the school premises.

The program is offered in the existing high schools, using existing infrastructure and school schedule.